mission scrubbed; returning to base - a looong and eclectic mix to play mass effect multiplayer to (hopefully only fashionably late for N7 Day)


{pacific rim ramin djawadimy name is skrillex skrillexplatforming rift malcolm kirby jram i not human? two steps from hellcalling (lose my mind) sebastian ingrosso & alesso ft. ryan teddershe’s got me dancing tommy sparksyou’re the best around joe espositotokyo (vampires and wolves) the wombatsthe grid (the crystal method remix) daft punkdaughters of darkness halestormtelekinesis rift malcolm kirby jrthe shadow broker chris lennertzcommander shepard miracle of sounddon’t stop me now queenrock is dead marilyn mansonfutureproof sabrepulsethe zorn oliver derivieresuicide mission (orchestral) london philharmonic orchestrathe phoenix fall out boysupermassive black hole musestaggered injection ekstrakduel of the fates john williamsoverlord jack walldragula (hot rod hermann remix) rob zombiesapphire zombitron legacy end titles (sander kleinenberg remix) daft punkget lucky halestormprotectors of the earth two steps from hellthey hit without warning epic scoreeye of the tiger survivorfire in your hole miracle of soundmove on up curtis mayfieldvindicate datsik & excisionimagine the fire hans zimmerthe final countdown europe}

credit for inspiration to kenzie, elise, and this thread at /r/MECoOp

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